Saturday, October 3, 2015


Introduction to Linden Airport House

For many years, I have dreamed of living at a general aviation airport. Instead of driving to the airport to go flying, I would just step out the back door.  When I am done for the day, I would sit on the back porch and watch take-offs and landings.  Well, it now seems to be happening.  Our old house has been sold and we have moved to an apartment.  We purchased a lot on the airport in Linden, MI.  The new house has been designed.  Now, it is time to build it.

A couple years ago, I purchased Home Designer software and started designing floorplans.  Hundreds of versions later, we have a design that we are excited about.  I am posting a few pictures generated by the software.  It will be interesting to compare these pictures to the end product.

Front of House

Back of House

Family Room


We have a few more formalities to address before construction begins.  Once constructions starts, this blog will document the progress and the decisions that we will make along the way.  We intend to build an energy efficient house.  Future posts in this blog will describe some of the design decisions that contribute to that goal.