Wednesday, September 28, 2016


When it was time to shop for light fixtures, we found that the easiest way was to shop online at Home Depot.  The number of choices is astounding.  We changed our minds about a few of them based on the posted customer reviews which wouldn't have been available in store.  We had plenty of time, so a delay of a few weeks for shipping was no problem.
Once the boxes of lights arrived, we lost a corner of our apartment for awhile.
Since we are trying to make the house as air tight as possible, I resisted using recessed light fixtures in rooms that have attic above.  Although modern recessed fixtures are much better than old ones, they are still a source of air leakage through the ceiling.  The electrician talked me into a few mini-cans in the kitchen.  (Now that we are living in the house, I find that I prefer the lighting provided by the pendant fixtures.)  We used recessed can lights in many areas of the basement and in the office and rear entryway that are under conditioned space.

We also had to buy light bulbs.  For normal people, that would be a simple matter.  We have decided to try out Hue from Phillip.  Many of the light bulbs can adjust color temperature and intensity.  A couple can even change to different colors.  We will be able to control them from cell phones if we want to, but I am not sure how useful that will turn out to be in practice.

A few of the light fixtures don't show up well in pictures, like the under-cabinet lights in the kitchen and the kick-plate nightlights in the bathrooms.

One of the pendant lights in the kitchen got broken during installation.  It is repaired now.
This is the light fixture over the dining room table.  We were looking for something more modern than a traditional chandelier that would match the pendant lights in the kitchen.
We have ceiling fans with lights in the family room, guest bedroom, and master bedroom.
The sconce in the master bathroom.

The scone in the stairway
We ended up buying a few more bulbs than we needed to because we didn't realize that the outdoor lights have built in LED bulbs.