Sunday, October 23, 2016


One of our favorite features in the house is the balcony off the master bedroom.  This gives us an elevated spot to watch airplanes.  That is especially nice when they are landing from the West since that end of the runway is difficult to see from ground level.  Additionally, it provides shade for the office window when the sun is high in the summer.  When the sun is low in the winter, the office window is mostly exposed to the sun providing a little solar heating.

I was surprised at the sequence of construction.  The roof over the balcony was built right along with the rest of the roof.  However, all of the structure that supports the roof was not built until much later in the process - around the time that the siding was installed.  In the meantime, the roof was supported with temporary poles.  The Trex boards and railing weren't installed until the house was almost finished.

The roof over the balcony-to-be.
The structure of the balcony was added later.  Concrete was poured to support the posts.
This shows the structure looking out from the master bedroom.
The finished product providing a great view to the far end of the runway.

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