Monday, February 8, 2016

First Floor Wall Framing

Once framing started, it seems like progress is really happening fast.  After four days of framing, the first floor walls are all framed.  For the first time, I can wander through the rooms and get some feel for how they feel and what the view will be out of each window.

On day 3, I stopped by just in time to see the crew tilting the end wall into place.
At the end of day 3 of framing, the first floor is about halfway enclosed, and a couple other walls are assembled.

At the end of day 4, all of the first floor walls, including the interior walls, are framed.

This is the family room, as viewed from the dining room.  The family room will have a high ceiling, but not quite this high.  The guest bedroom, which is beyond the family room, will have more privacy after the drywall is in place.

This is the view into the kitchen from the family room.  The dining room is toward the left.

This is the view out the window of the guest bedroom.  I am happy with how large the windows feel.

This is the view from the guest bedroom toward the guest closet and bathroom.

The office
Framing the 135 degree joint between the dining room and the half bath is a challenge.  It may require more than tape to air seal this joint.

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