Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Second Floor Framing

After framing the first floor walls, the next step was to frame a second floor.  Only a portion of the house will have a second floor.

This is the last picture from the top of the dirt pile.  The dirt pile has now been moved.
This shows the opening for the stairwell
This is the edge of the master bathroom which extends a couple feet over the kitchen.
After the floor itself was framed, the second floor walls are framed.

This is the view from the family room.  The two windows on the left are in the stairwell and the master bathroom.  The master bedroom is on the right.  The walls in the middle will end up facing an attic once the first floor ceiling trusses are in place.
This is the view from inside the garage.  The windows are the stairwell and the master bathroom.
This is the view from the master bedroom.  There will be a balcony beyond this wall.  The opening on the left is supposed to be a window while the opening on the right is for a sliding door.  If you look closely, there is an airplane taking off.
This is the view from the master bathroom.  There will be a tub below the window.  Without any fixtures in place, it feels more like a bedroom than a bathroom.

The weather has been below freezing for most of the last week, so it isn't so muddy now.  However, the forecast says that unseasonably warm temperatures are coming back, so the mud will be returning.  We are escaping for a week of vacation in Florida.  I wonder what it will look like when we return.

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