Saturday, March 19, 2016

Exterior Foam

As discussed in a previous post, the exterior walls of the house (but not the garage and hangar) are to be covered with a layer of rigid foam.  With the roof mostly framed and sheathed, the crew began working on installing this foam.  The portions that will have siding have furring strips over the foam.

Front view of the house after foam installation.  The second floor wall has not yet been covered with Tyvek housewrap and furring strips, but will be eventually.  The section on the right and the portion under the windows will have brick, so they do not have furring strips.  The windows are waiting in the garage,
This view shows several of the steps.  The black ribbon is a peel-and-stick membrain that prevents air leakage through the second floor rim joist.  The white tape over the OSB seams make the OSB a better air barrier.  The 2" of foam have been installed in the bottom portion of the picture.  Tyvek and furring strips have been installed over the foam on the section on the left.
A screen and mesh is installed along the bottom of the furring strips to keep insects from crawling behind the siding.
The gable walls are not covered with foam.  The end truss is positioned such that the gable wall lines up with the furring strips so that the siding will be continuous,

Note the airplane taking off from behind the house - a view I hope to be seeing many times

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