Sunday, January 3, 2016

Basement Walls

On December 22, I stopped by to watch the forms being assembled for the basement walls.  One lesson from this visit is that I should bring a second pair of footwear when I visit the site.  It can be very muddy.

This section of wall will be under the front porch.
These are the frames for the basement egress windows.  They are installed in the forms so they will be poured in place.
The builder texted the pictures below on December 23 to let me know that the basement was now being poured.
Five concrete trucks waiting in the street - the neighbors must be trilled.
Pouring the walls

My next chance to visit was December 29.  The forms have been removed.  The lesson from this visit is that the second pair of footwear should be something more substantial than old sneakers.  I wonder where we put my work boots when we moved into the apartment.

This is the view from what will eventually be the driveway.
This shows the pits around the basement egress windows.  Drainage tile runs from each pit through the footing.
This is a view from what will eventually by the hangar.

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