Saturday, December 19, 2015


I stopped by to see if any progress had been made.  My timing was perfect.  When I arrived, workers had completed setting forms for the footings and two concrete trucks were waiting to begin the pour.  I decided to stay and watch.  Even though the temperature was warm for December in Michigan, I eventually decided I should make sure to bring a good hat and gloves in the future.

Forms in place with rebar positioned
The front edge of the front porch gets its own footing.

The holes in the middle will be pads for posts to support steel beams.
The concrete truck drove around the perimeter getting as close as possible so concrete could be poured into the forms.  In some places, the truck could not get close enough so the workers shoveled the concrete to the places that could not be reached directly.  As the truck drove around the mound of dirt on the right in this picture, I learned that concrete trucks do not have very good traction on grass.
Workers use a sleeve to guide the concrete into the forms.
Rebar is inserted into the concrete to tie the basement walls to the footings.

By two days later, lines have been marked on the footings showing the position for the basement walls.  A little snow had fallen, but the forecast for the next week is more above average December temperatures.

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