Sunday, April 24, 2016

Basement, Garage, and Hangar floors

Once the plumbing under the basement floor was in place, the concrete could be poured.
In preparation for pouring the concrete basement floor, a layer of  plastic vapor barrier is placed followed by a 2" layer of high density EPS foam.
This shows the basement floor shortly after the concrete is poured.  The high density EPS extends a few inches up the sides to slow heat conduction from the floor to the concrete walls.
The garage and hangar floors did not need to wait on plumbing, but did need to wait for conditions to dry up a bit.  The garage floor slopes slightly toward the garage door while the hangar floor slopes slightly toward the hangar door.
A vapor barrier is placed under the garage and hangar concrete floor,  A chalk line on the wall indicates the level of the top surface of the concrete.  Rebar ties the floor into the basement wall. 
This shows the garage floor in the middle of the pouring process, while waiting for another truck to bring enough concrete to finish this section.
The hangar floor was poured in two sections on different days.  The two sections will be the same color after a few more days.

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