Saturday, April 9, 2016


In early March, out builder let us know that we needed to be selecting our shingle color.  So, we set off to the designated supplier.  We decided to go first to the designated brick supplier to select the type of brick.  I had no idea there were so many choices.  After picking out our bricks, we took a brick sample and a window color sample to the shingle supplier.  The supplier set out samples of the various colors available in the brand specified in our contract with our builder.  Some of them looked great by themselves but none of them looked quite right with the brick.  Looking at some other brands, we found a sample with a mixture of colors that seemed to pull everything together.  Not surprisingly, it was a bit more expensive than the brand in our contract.  A few days later, the crew was busy installing them.

This is taken from the master bedroom as the shingles are being installed.  The variation in color is much more apparent up close than from a distance.

The hangar in the midst of the shingling process.

Th hangar after the shingles have been installed.

The front of the house after the shingles have been installed.

The back of the house after the shingles have been installed.

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