Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rough Plumbing

The main thing happening lately has been the rough plumbing work.  Since some of the drain system will be under the basement floor, that needs to be in place before the basement floor is poured, which, in turn, needs to be completed before the basement walls are framed.  As the homeowner and house designer, I seem to find each stage of construction more interesting than anyone else does.  However, even I don't find the plumbing system to be as exciting as other aspects.  Maybe that is because I didn't specify very much about the plumbing system beyond the locations of the fixtures.

Stubs for the master bathroom vanity
Drain vents provide a path for sewer gasses to escape.  This shows the drain vent from the master bathroom before the last section that extends through the roof was installed.  The vent from the laundry room now joins into this.
With a shower, tub, toilet, and two sinks in the master bathroom, a network of plumbing is needed below to route hot and cold water to the fixtures and drain the water away.  Most of that network ends up in the pantry ceiling.
We are using a single piece shower unit in the guest bathroom.  I was concerned about getting it through the bathroom door but it turned out not to be a problem.
The plumbing for the guest bathroom is in one of the basement bedrooms.  The supply lines are just dangling at this point.  They will be connected after the basement framing is completed.
Boards mark the locations where the walls will be to help get the drains for the basement bathroom in the correct locations.

Many trenches are necessary for the various drains that run under the basement floor.
One change we did insist on was moving the sump pump out of the bedroom.  

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