Saturday, August 20, 2016


While we were designing the house, we met with Colleen from Dream Kitchens to help us design our kitchen.  One of her suggestions was to move the sink to the island and move the stove to the wall.  We met with her again when it was time to order specific cabinets.  There are a lot of possibilities that we didn't know existed.  For example, several of our base cabinets have deep drawers as opposed to doors, which should make it easier to reach pots and pans.

The cabinets are here!! The cabinets are here!!
Installation of the kitchen cabinets went quickly once it started.
This shows the seating area of the island before installation of the countertop.  It seems to be the best place to check the house plans but still not a very good place.
Since we selected relatively dark cabinets and floors, we went with white quartz for the countertops in the kitchen for contrast.  We thought it would be easy to find a backsplash that would tie in our countertop color, our cabinet color, and our wall color.  To our surprise, that proved to be one of the most difficult materials selections of the whole process.

This is the island with the countertop and sink installed.  We selected white quartz for the kitchen countertops.  There is a seam in the island countertop, but you have to look very close to find it.
The backsplash proved to be one of our most difficult selections.  The wire hanging from the wall cabinet on the left will eventually power an under-cabinet light.
We decided to go with granite countertops in the bathrooms.
This is the master bathroom vanity.  One thing that bothered us in our previous house was having only one electrical outlet in the bathroom, so we specified outlets on both sides of the vanities.
This is the guest bathroom vanity.
This is the vanity in the basement bathroom.
Having exceeded our budget with a couple rooms left to go, we decided to get off-the-shelf countertops from Home Depot for the laundry room.  The half bath will get a furniture-style vanity from Lowes.
This is the laundry room.  The clothes chute in the ceiling connects to the master closet.

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