Friday, August 19, 2016

Exterior Paint

The only part of painting in which we took an active role was selecting the color.  First, we took samples of the brick, the shingles, and the window frame material to the paint store and selected a handful of possible colors.  We bought seven samples and painted them on the side of the house.  We waited until after the brick was installed to make a selection.  We still couldn't decide, so we had a color consultant come out to the house to help us.  With her help, we eventually settled on a color called Sawdust.

This photo was taken before the bricks were installed.  We ended up choosing #6 - Sawdust. 
There are many reasons we were glad that someone else was doing the painting.  Before painting the trim, the painter climbs a ladder to remove a beehive from the highest part of the building. 
The finished product.  Paint color is difficult to show in photographs because it looks quite different in different light conditions.  This photo was taken in the morning with the sun behind the house.
The finished hangar door.

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