Sunday, August 7, 2016


Over the last couple months, we have driven all over Southeast Michigan selecting finishes.  We are anxious to see what these finishes actually look like in the house.  The tile was among the first to be finished.  Our master bathroom includes a tile floor, a tile shower, and a raised tile platform for the tub.

The sign on the floor says "Fresh Tile - Stay Off!"  OK, I guess we will just look from the door for now.
We used 9x18 wall tile on the shower walls and ceiling, as well as on the tub platform.  This shows the tile before the grout was applied.  (The picture is taken from outside the bathroom door to avoid violating the sign in the previous photo.)  

The shower has two inset shelves.  Plastic inserts are installed between studs when the wall board is installed.  A glass shelf is installed along with the tile in the insert.

A whilrlpool tub will go in the hole in the platform.  The platform needs two access holes - one for plumbing and one for the motor.  The platform turned out to be the only available place for a supply register.

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