Sunday, August 21, 2016


The builder asked us to mark out the outline of the back patio with flags.  We were in a creative mood that day, so we used curved borders and more area than initially planned.  Add that to the list of cost overruns.
Forms were placed for the patio and a sidewalk to the walkway.
More forms for the driveway and sidewalk.
Yet more forms for the front porch.  A temporary post is installed to support the roof over the porch.
And then forms for the taxiway.  The stakes in the middle mark the finished height.
The crew on pouring day seemed pretty large, although I didn't count.  Everyone seemed to know exactly what to do.
Pouring the front porch.  The crew has to be prepared to step in it.
One way to trowel hard to reach places is to use kneeboards.
The other way to trowel hard to reach places is to use a long pole.
The second truck is leaving as the third one arrives.
A broom is used to rough up the surface slightly.
The finished back patio.
The finished front porch.
The finished taxiway.

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